Friday, September 28, 2007

Best in show

We are honored to announce our latest award for the Best Visual Presentation at the San Francisco International Gift Fair 2007 in booth creation for a cosmetic brand “L’Epi de Provence”. It is actually a recognition on two levels since we are also responsible for the entire packaging line. Needless to say, we are delighted...

L’Epi de Provence: story of a success

We already knew that our clients have talent but this story is special to us. It began 5 years ago with the rebranding of a start-up and the trust of Marc Houpin and Nina Ramirez, founders of “L’Epi de Provence” (Ear of wheat from Provence), a Bay Area company specialized in Imported French bath products. Trust and intuition are probably the best qualities in a client but when you add talent the possibilities multiply; and the result, besides the pleasure of working with nice and innovative people who value quality, translates directly into sales: indeed, after the introduction of the rebranding their sales increased 36% the very first year and continue to grow ever since thanks to the branding efforts. Who said designers did not like numbers? Now with over 120 products in their line, entirely signed by Renaud Garnier Smart Rebranding, “L’Epi de Provence” is on the shelves of more than 400 stores nationwide but if you are lucky enough to live in the bay Area, you can find them at “The Gardener” (San Francisco /Berkeley) or wait for our traditional “end of year” holiday gift.The latest news: they are currently developing a new “solid perfume” with fragrances like “Ginger Orange” or “Lychee Rose” and of course with our vision... For more information: