Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Logo Lounge launching the Master Library Series (by Rockport Publishers.)

Logo Lounge is launching a new project - called the Master Library series. Each book is specialized in logos and focuses on themes like Crest & Initials, Animals, etc. It is set to be released later this year.
Rockport is probably the most prolific publisher of logo design books in the world.
Renaud Garnier Visual Branding is honored to have 5 logo designs chosen for inclusion in the 2 first books of the series. The pieces selected are above.
(Net factory logo / Cafe Society logo / Kiss that frog logo / Ecole bilingue de berkeley "Jaguars" sports team logo / Renaud Garnier Visual Branding logo)


fcanadas said...

Hi Renaud,

This is wonderful and also great marketing for EB. Congratulations!


Cesar Garnier said...

I love your blog and your logos! They are the best! Keep it on.