Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Logo Lounge launching the Master Library Series (by Rockport Publishers.)

Logo Lounge is launching a new project - called the Master Library series. Each book is specialized in logos and focuses on themes like Crest & Initials, Animals, etc. It is set to be released later this year.
Rockport is probably the most prolific publisher of logo design books in the world.
Renaud Garnier Visual Branding is honored to have 5 logo designs chosen for inclusion in the 2 first books of the series. The pieces selected are above.
(Net factory logo / Cafe Society logo / Kiss that frog logo / Ecole bilingue de berkeley "Jaguars" sports team logo / Renaud Garnier Visual Branding logo)

New at Cost Plus World Market: Le Chef Patissier brand

Introducing the new colorful line of packagings for Le Chef Patissier, a brand and line that Renaud Garnier Visual Branding has developed over the past few months.
Natural Chocolate Truffles, Sea salt Caramels are launching mid-August at a Cost plus store near you.
The line also includes Truffled Walnuts, Dark and Milk Napolitans, Pates de Fruits (chewy fruits) and Truffled Coffee Beans...

June Jordan T-shirt featuring famous line used in President Obama's campaign

Jordan's famous quote "We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For." has been re-used thirty years later - in the speeches of Barack Obama's. Originally it was written in the Poem for South African women in 1978. It is now reproduced on a T-shirt designed by Renaud Garnier Visual Branding for the "June Jordan School for Equity" in San Francisco, California (for all staff and students) and also as a fund raiser for Swell cinema who is is producing a documentary on the poet/activist. For more information, visit: http://www.swellcinema.com/junejordan_tshirt.html

New recording from composer Adrienne Torf: Music for Madison

Music for piano and cello composed by Adrienne Torf to accompany the exhibition " Nazi persecution of homosexuals 1933-1945" - which GSA for Safe Schools brought to Madison, Wisconsin, from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.
Renaud Garnier Visual Branding was proud to participate in the CD design for this project.

The michelin man, a tribute exhibition in brussels

More than 80 designers and illustrators from the Belgian, French and American scene were invited to make a tribute to the famous michelin man and other the trademark characters in advertising.
Among them Guy billout, Loustal, Ever Meulen, Avril, Philippe Gelluck, Johann de moor, Tom schamp, Mario ramos, Philippe de kemmeter, David Merveille, Laurent & Jack Durieux, Josse Goffin...and Renaud Garnier, whose entry is seen above.
The exhibition Bibendum & co was at SEED FACTORY, Brussels, Belgium.
The next collective exhibition will be on the theme of the filmaker "Jacques Tati", coming this fall.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Renaud Garnier Visual Branding was hired to create a template for a DVD collection in 2006, dedicated to French Artists,"Art & Movie" for Cappuccino in France.
This collection included Pierre De Michelis, Michel Bez, Michel Jouenne, Ronan Olier and more to come. 
We recently discovered that another artist, Guy Covelli, has launched a series of DVDs under a different label with a surprisingly similar look. Our design is on the top and the follower is on the bottom. We'll let you be the judge.